Gummiband, since 1989,

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Gummiband distributes, imports and exports a wide variety of rubber and plastic products in Argentina for more than 29 years.
From the beginning, we strive to offer our customers the best products and we are trying constantly to exceed their expectations. However, we know perfectly well that is not a simple task and for that reason we are constantly making an effort to improve. We are always trying to provide the best customer service and searching for the best suppliers around the world in order to be able to offer the best options for our clients every day.
In Gummiband we aspire to be the best option in the commercialization of rubber and plastic products in the market. We will continue to work hard to make this possible.


A great team

Gummiband has a great experience in rubber and PVC products for more than 29 years. What allowed from the beginning to form a group of people specialized and with great commitment in their work.

Permanent stock

We have a wide variety of rubber and PVC products 365 days a year.

Throughout the country

We sell our products in all the states of Argentina. From north to south we cover the entire national territory which allows us to have a wide variety of products to supply the demand of each place


No matter in the part of Argentina our client is our products will arrive in not more than 72hs

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Quality assurance

We are the representatives of prestigious brands worldwide. Our merchandise is imported from different qualified suppliers around the world who have a great prestige in the development of their products.

More than 27 years leading the market of rubber and PVC products in Argentina

We supply: rubber floors, PVC floors, rubber sheets, agro-industrial products, industrial safety products, swimming pool hoses, EVA rubber, felts, water and air hoses, polypropylene, irrigation hoses, hydrocarbon hoses, PVC and rubber rugs, conveyor belts, rubber belts, packaging and outdoor products.

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